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Friday Five: Babbie Mason

As a kid, one of my favorite Christian music artists was Babbie Mason. In fact, I performed a sign-language song performance to her popular hit, "Each One Reach One." Babbie Mason is a Dove Award-winning and Grammy nominated gospel singer, songwriter, and author. Babbie is also a professor of songwriting at Atlanta Christian College and Lee University, and a television talk-show host. She was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2010 and has appeared on numerous national television and radio programs. Babbie has been honored perform for several U.S. Presidents. She has just released her devotional Embraced by God. Today, she was kind enough to stop by and chat about her long career, her latest book, and mentoring future artists: You grew up in church as a pastor's daughter. Did you feel pressure to be "in the ministry" full-time?  I never felt pressure to go into the ministry as a full...

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