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What Are We Singing?

This is a quote from my message for Sunday, "What the Angels Saw." - From Luke 2: Christmas is an interesting time, because it is the time when suddenly the entire world is singing songs about the birth of Christ—and yet they don’t know it. You often walk into a supermarket or drugstore and you hear the words of Hark, the Herald Angels Sing piped in. Or O, Holy Night. And you see people mouthing, even singing along with the words. And you wonder—do these people know about what they are singing? Artists of all stripe come out with Christmas albums. It’s ironic, really. The created, some aware, most not, singing songs about their Creator, about the most incredible happening in all of the earth—God become man, coming in the flesh. And most, most don’t know it. And I wonder even if the redeemed, that’s us, who have experienced the peace that comes...

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