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Is Power Always A Bad Thing?

How should followers of Jesus think about the use of power? That's a question Christianity Today executive editor Andy Crouch addresses in his latest book, Playing God. I had the chance to ask him about this and other questions in a wide-ranging interview for Leadership Journal. Here's an excerpt: Your latest book, Playing God ventures into what you might call the "third rail" of evangelicalism, the idea of power. It seems we are afraid of power—is that due to so many examples of corruption and tyranny? Evangelicalism inherits the legacy of dissenting churches that were disenfranchised (by choice or by others' force) from their culture and the more established churches, and folks who found themselves in a minority position. It's also a movement that has always leaned towards individualism and away from institutionalism, for better and for worse. So it's not surprising that power is a topic that has seemed distant or downright dangerous for...

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