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The Surprising Advice Max Lucado Gives to Young Pastors

Max Lucado has been one of the most popular evangelical leaders for many years. His books have sold in the millions and are a regular fixture on the bestseller's list. I had the chance to interview Max for my weekly blog with Leadership Journal. As with all interviews, this one had to be trimmed for publication. Leadership Journal featured the questions I asked Max about his new book on prayer. But I also asked him about his hopes and concerns for the evangelical movement and the surprising advice he gives to young pastors. ...

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The Way Home – Episode 8 featuring Jayson Casper

Today on The Way Home I talk with Jayson Casper, a Christianity Today journalist who has been covering this story. He called me from Cairo to discuss how Christians in places like Egypt, Jordan, and other countries are reacting to the atrocities of their brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq and Libya. He also gives a thorough analysis of ISIS and Islamic extremism...

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2016 and the Imago Dei

But if we are going to have questions about the questions directed at presidential candidates, I'd like to offer one a query I hope every aspirant is asked. It's a simple question that has profound policy implications. ...

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