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Why Easter Matters in 2010

Here is a sneak preview of some of my message for Easter at Gages Lake Bible Church. A few caveats: 1) I don't spell-check my messages 2) I don't edit them nearly as heavily as my articles and books 3) I write my messages for speaking, so it won't all make sense. Okay, here goes: Why Easter Matters in 2010: 1) Easter Matters Because We Need an Answer for Evil You don’t have to look very far to know there is evil in the world. You don’t have to be religious. You don’t even have to go to church or even have to believe in anything. But flip open a newspaper. Read the news online. Watch your favorite news show. I’ll guarantee you that on any given night, 60-70% of the news is focused on evil, on injustice, on something wrong in society. There is war, greed, unfaithfulness, cheating, death, rape, starvation. You wonder if the...

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Upcoming Media Appearances

My latest book, Crash Course, is set to launch on the first week of April and so I am going to appear in interviews in the next few weeks. You can typically go their website and listen live or hear the archives: April 8th Northland Notebook with Ted Elm April 13th - The Harvest Show on Lesea Broadcasting. This show is heard around the world on cable and satellite networks. May TBD - Women of Today with Vonette Bright Pray for me as I try to share what God has laid on my heart in the message of Crash Course....

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Crash Course

Releases - April, 2010 To Order: Amazon.com Barnes and Noble Christianbook.com ISNB#: 9781596692855 Life contains more surprises and twists than most teens couldever imagine.These unforeseen, often difficult, events routinely lead todoubt, worry, and anxiety. Crash Course, a 100-day devotionalfor teens, encourages teens to form a solid foundation of faithin God’s Word that will support them when life’s obstaclescome harder and faster. This unique 100-day devotional is a crash course on life for young people ready to face life on their own. Developing a faith they can confidently defend Pursuing a faith they can call their own Building a faith that endures through difficulties Championing a faith that conquers compromise Growing in a faith that depends on Christ, and not themselves Key Features: Crash Course is divided up into 5 key areas: Doctrine - Know what you believe and why Decisions - How to make good choices Devotion - How to stay connected to God. Direction - Finding God's purpose for your life. Delight - Discovering joy in a...

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