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Book Review – 5 Ministry Killers by Dr. Charles Stone

What if you could give a pastor truth serum and ask him what ministry is really like? Behind the plastered-on smile and steady handshake are often men of God who struggle with depression, burnout, disappointment, and sin. And yet, God continues to call ordinary men to the most extraordinary position as shepherd of God’s people. As a young and learning pastor myself, I’m humbled by the opportunity to stand in God’s place and speak the Word to His people. What a holy, humble, and high calling. One of my good friends in ministry, Dr. Charles Stone, has written a powerful new book, 5 Ministry Killers. Charles rips the mask off of the ministry and reveals the heart of what it is like to be a pastor, going in depth into five areas that rob the joy and steal the fruit of a pastor’s ministry. Stone compiles research from respected evangelical polling centers...

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Love as a Fruit of the Spirit

There is nothing quite like sermon prep to really push you deep into a passage of Scripture. Like most Christians I’ve known and memorized and quoted and written Jesus words in John 13 to the disciples (and to us): A new commandment I give you, that you love one another as I have loved you. So shall all men know that you are my disciples.

It’s a powerful verse with wide-ranging implications. So powerful, we’re studying the immediate context, John 13:31-38, in two messages. I have four basic points: 1) The Source of Love 2) The Supernatural Nature of Love 3) The Mark of Love 4) The Secret of Love. I couldn’t find a word that means “mark” that starts with an “s” so I guess I failed basic homiletics. Oh well.

Here’s what really struck me about Jesus words. We often get them inside out. If I just love more, then people will want to know Jesus.

Friday Five Interview: Dillon Burroughs

Dillon Burroughs is one of my very good friends. He is the author of way more books than you can count, including his latest [amazon ASIN=”0736921214″]What Can Be Found in Lost[/amazon]? He is on staff at the Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, working with renowned apologist John Ankerberg on many important books addressing current issues from a Christian worldview.

I have always known Dillon to be a thoughtful observer of the culture and a rock-solid apologist for the Christian faith. A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Dillon is married to his lovely wife Deborah and they have three children.

You can follow Dillon at his website: readdb.com.

1) You work for John Ankerberg, who produces a terrific show and has written many books on apologetics and worldview. Tell us a little bit more about this ministry and a bit about what you do.

It’s an amazing ministry that pioneered the use of television to teach Christian worldview. It now reaches into over 180 countries on television, airs a daily radio program on over 700 outlets, and is known as a key place for people looking for information on presenting and defending the Christian faith. I’m honored to serve alongside Dr. Ankerberg and many of the guests who appear on our program, ranging from Lee Strobel, Dr. Gary Habermas, Dr. Norman Geisler, and many more.

The Friday Five

Every Friday, a leading pastor, author, or ministry leader stops here and answers five questions. Here are some we've featured and some we've got coming up: Dillon Burroughs - May 14th Cecil Murphey - May 21st Kathi Macias - May 28th Jerry Jenkins - June 4th Andrea Mullins - June 11th Charles Stone - June 18th Ray Pritchard - June 25th Chris Fabry - July 2nd Bill Giovenetti - July 9th Chip MacGregor - July 16th Sara Horn - July 23rd Margaret McSweeney - July 30th S. Michael Houdmann - August 6th Tullian Tchividjian Jon Acuff Ginger Kolbaba Cynthia Ruchti Colleen Coble ...

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