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The Church of the Future

Most of the time, expert musings about what the worldwide church will look like involve demographic surveys, technological advancements, and philosophical reflections. Bestselling authors and popular conferences focus on future trends. It’s important for churches to be part of this discussion so they can freshly apply the gospel to the moment and help their people […]

The Way Home – Episode 17 featuring Erin Davis

Is it possible for us to be both connected and lonely? This is the epidemic Erin Davis describes in her new book, Connected: Curing the Pandemic of Everyone Feeling Alone Together. Erin joins me on the podcast, along with my colleague Lindsay Swartz, to discuss how life in Christ and life together in the body of Christ […]


Should Pastors Have Good Friends From their Church?

At Leadership Journal I discuss the advice I received, upon ordination to ministry, to not become good friends with people in my congregation. It was well-meaning, but wrong advice, I thought at the time. Here’s an excerpt of the article: I don’t see a detachment from people in Jesus’ public ministry. Yes, Jesus took time to get away […]


Three Questions to Ask About Your Job

“Nothing matters except what happens in here.” How often have you heard that in church from well-meaning pastors? I know the message trying to be sent: the supremacy of the gospel and the importance of evangelism. I share those desires, but this kind of reductionism is not a biblical view of culture. Which is why […]

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