Should Pastors Have Good Friends From their Church?

At Leadership Journal I discuss the advice I received, upon ordination to ministry, to not become good friends with people in my congregation. It was well-meaning, but wrong advice, I thought at the time. Here’s an excerpt of the article: I don’t see a detachment from people in Jesus’ public ministry. Yes, Jesus took time to get away […]


Job Opening at ERLC

Know someone interested in joining the ERLC team in Nashville? We are hiring a new Interactive Media Manager to join our communications team. This is creative role specializing in video and audio production, technical and logistical support for ERLC events, and social media engagement. This is a great opportunity to join a fun and dynamic […]

Christians Around the Digital Water Cooler

When I got my first job in ministry right out of high-school, the internet was just starting to be a thing. I remember how excited I was when we installed our first broadband access at this growing church. Broadband back then meant “anything faster dial-up.” It was a major accomplishment to simply have a website, with […]

What Are Your Goals for 2014? Here are mine

Yesterday I poo-poohed New Year’s posts on Twitter: 3 kinds of New Year’s blogs: a) Have a better year (5 steps) b) angsty I’m-not-perfect-and-God-still-loves-me c) resolutions don’t matter — Daniel Darling (@dandarling) December 30, 2013 And yet here I am, today, sharing a New Year’s post. I thought I would share my goals for 2014. […]