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Troubled Hearts in Tumultuous Times

What is going on? This is the sentiment I’ve heard from many friends and family, especially as they survey this increasingly crazy election season. I have to admit that I’ve been more than a bit distressed myself lately. How is it, for instance, that a vulgar, reality-show icon who has built his empire by exploiting […]


Christian Rhetoric During a National Crisis

Last week another horrific mass shooting—this one a terrorist event—happened in California. This followed a shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado, which followed a horrific, ISIS-led mass attack in Paris. We’re living in a dangerous world. Terror and all kinds of evil seem to happen every day in communities that seem impervious to this. We […]


Good Reading on Syrian Refugees

The plight of Syrian refugees, particularly their possible resettlement in the United States, has come under increased scrutiny in the days since the Paris terrorists attacks. The conversation online (much of it ugly) has centered around the tension of two American ideals: maintaining national security and welcoming those who are fleeing terror. I’ve done quite […]

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