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The Courage to Not Overreact

One of my favorite podcasts is the Washington Posts’ Presidential Podcast. It’s a unique idea: cover one president a week for like 45-50 minutes. They began on January 10th of this year with George Washington. The plan is to continue until Election Day. I love presidential history. This podcast doesn’t give you a deep dive that […]


Hannah’s Prayer for 2016

She was an otherwise unknown Middle-Eastern woman. Because of her inability to bear children, her husband took a second wife, who bore him several children. She was publicly shamed for her infertility. Hannah had few resources, no agency, diminished status. She lived in a time of great distress for God’s people. The end of the book of […]


20 Things I’ve Learned in the 20 Years Since Graduation

In June of 1996, I walked down the aisle, with thirteen others, at Quentin Road Christian School in Lake Zurich, Illinois and received my high school diploma. I distinctly remember the mixture of anticipation and hope I felt that day. Twenty years later, I look back with amazement. First, it’s hard to believe it has […]


Friday Flashback: My Prayer Before the Illinois State House

Three years ago, I was graciously invited to deliver the opening prayer before the Illinois General Assembly in Springfield, IL. This was my prayer: Prayer of Convocation Illinois General Assembly Monday, May 20th, 2013 2:00 PM  Dear Heavenly Father. We offer our humble gratitude for the gift of freedom as Americans, forged over 200 years […]

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