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A very pleasent scene to see a father and son play at the beach early sunday morning!!

Some Father’s Day Articles

This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day. Here are some of my reflections on fatherhood from past years: What Dad Taught Me: 5 Invaluable Principles I Use Every Day: Dad was a blue-collar guy, a licensed plumber, who has always been known for the quality of his work. It wasn’t the specific job he did but […]


Passing the Faith Along

Here is a post I wrote for Green Hill Church on parenting as discipleship. A few tips for passing the faith along: Remember we do this in community. We don’t parent in isolation, we parent in community with the body of Christ in our local church. The church is there to equip, strengthen, and resource parents. […]

When you stop saying “Thank You”

Many years ago, a writing mentor counseled me with words I’ll never forget: “Dan, no matter how far you get in your career, always say ‘Thank you’ every time someone offers you an opportunity to write.” I’ve never forgotten that advice. Maybe its because my mother taught me–no she actually insisted (you know how mothers […]

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