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Shaping a Whole Life, Pro Life Ethic

Earlier this year I had the chance to host a panel at the Evangelicals for Life Conference in Washington, D.C hosted by ERLC and Focus on the Family. My guests were Trillia Newbell, Ron Sider, Karen Swallow Prior, Emily Colsen, and John Stonestreet.


20 Things I’ve Learned in the 20 Years Since Graduation

In June of 1996, I walked down the aisle, with thirteen others, at Quentin Road Christian School in Lake Zurich, Illinois and received my high school diploma. I distinctly remember the mixture of anticipation and hope I felt that day. Twenty years later, I look back with amazement. First, it’s hard to believe it has […]


Friday Flashback: My Prayer Before the Illinois State House

Three years ago, I was graciously invited to deliver the opening prayer before the Illinois General Assembly in Springfield, IL. This was my prayer: Prayer of Convocation Illinois General Assembly Monday, May 20th, 2013 2:00 PM  Dear Heavenly Father. We offer our humble gratitude for the gift of freedom as Americans, forged over 200 years […]


Everyone Is a Culture Warrior. Some Admit it.

My friend and colleague, Samuel James, has a brilliant piece (you should read the whole thing) on why the culture wars are inescapable: The idea that conservative Americans can escape the “wrong side of history” if only they will shut up and be kind is an idea based on a myth: The myth that progressivism […]

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