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What The Stories We Consume Say About Us

Have you ever watched a good movie, read a good book, or heard a popular song and wondered, “What is this saying?” This is the questions we should ask when we consume media. What questions are being asked by this particular piece of pop culture and what answers does the gospel offer? One of the […]

Some Of My Recent Articles: 5/8/2015

Here are a few of my recent articles: I wrote for The Gospel Coalition on “Why You Can’t Escape from the Culture Wars.” The title is intentionally provocative, as I’m arguing against a “culture war timeout” that, in my view, would a) be impossible and b) show a lack of compassion: The shape of our […]

Josh McDowell and The Reliability of Scripture

One of the most popular apologetics resources in the 20th Century was the classic Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell. In many ways, Josh set the standard for apologetics work that would follow. Perhaps the most compelling evidence for the validity of the claims of Christianity is the increasing volume of manuscripts continually discovered by archeologists.
Well Josh McDowell is back with some new manuscript research. I interview him about this new discovery, about inherency, and his perspective on the future of the evangelical movement. Here is one of my questions:

Why Christians Should Be Clear

This week I’m over at the Lifeway Church Leader’s blog opining on three essential traits for countercultural Christian leaders: courage, clarity, and civility (how’s that for some serious alliteration?). This comes from 1 Peter 3:15. Here is what I said about that second point: The second thing Peter urges for counter-cultural leaders is clarity. “Have an […]

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