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Passing the Faith Along

Here is a post I wrote for Green Hill Church on parenting as discipleship. A few tips for passing the faith along: Remember we do this in community. We don’t parent in isolation, we parent in community with the body of Christ in our local church. The church is there to equip, strengthen, and resource parents. […]


Get Caught Up on Church History

Followers of Christ should know their church history, not so you can win trivia games at the church potluck, but to get a sense of the sweep of God’s work in building His church in the last 2,000 years. Furthermore, a sense of church history keeps us grounded in good ways, from seeing our moment […]


Human Dignity, Spiritual Leadership, and Madame Secretary: Some Recent Articles

Here are some recent articles I’ve published: Stop Pitting Pro-Life Causes Against Each Other For Relevant on the unfortunate tension between those who advocate for pro-life justice and those who advocate for racial justice: Back in January, those of us in the U.S. celebrated both Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and Sanctity of Life Sunday. What would […]


Joining Green Hill Church

One of the reasons I love my job here at ERLC is that our mission to equip the church to think through moral and ethical issues. I love the church, having grown up hearing the gospel preached, learning the hymns, and worshiping Christ every Sunday. I loved pastoring. I believe, with all my heart, that […]

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