Friday Five Interview – Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner

Today I’m highly honored to have two distinguished men stop by the blog for this very special Friday Five interview. We’re less than two weeks before the midterm elections and so thoughtful people of faith on both sides of the political divide will go to the polls and help shape their government. So I thought […]

Book Review – City of Man

Younger generations of evangelicals are wrestling with the proper way to engage in the political arena. As a one-time political activist and now a pastor, I have personally felt the tension between radical engagement and radical withdrawal. At times I have felt Christians have been too passive and at times (lately), I have felt that […]

Book Review – They Almost Always Come Home – Cynthia Ruchti

Why is it that we have to lose something before we appreciate its value? Most importantly, why is that we have to lose someone before we appreciate their value? This is what I took away from the powerful debut novel by my good friend, Author Cynthia Ruchti. They Almost Always Come Home is a tightly […]

Book Review – Surprised by Grace – Tullian Tchividjian

You don’t grow up in the church, as I have, without knowing, memorizing, and internalizing the story of Jonah. From the time I was old enough to do Sunday School, all through Vacation Bible School, Children’s Church, and on through sermon series, books, teen discussions, etc, I have heard Jonah’s life dissected in every which […]

Book Review – 5 Ministry Killers by Dr. Charles Stone

What if you could give a pastor truth serum and ask him what ministry is really like? Behind the plastered-on smile and steady handshake are often men of God who struggle with depression, burnout, disappointment, and sin. And yet, God continues to call ordinary men to the most extraordinary position as shepherd of God’s people. […]

Tea with Hezbollah

I was given the opportunity to review Tea with Hezbollah by Ted Dekker and Carl Medaris. The following is my review: If you have read any of Ted Dekker’s novels, you are aware that you won’t ever pick one up and find a normal read. Ted probably has one of the most imaginative minds in […]