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Mini-Reviews #8

Just finished another great batch of books: Work Matters by Tom Nelson. This is a terrific book on a subject not explored fully enough in contemporary evangelicalism: a theology of work. As usual, Nelson (pastor of Christ Community Church in Leawood, Kansas), shares a comprehensive, balanced, biblical view of the doctrine of work. A Christmas Journey […]

A Novel Every Christian Should Read

I realize that there are many Christians who are ambivalent or even opposed to Christian fiction. I’ve never shared that belief, because I think fiction has a way of bringing important issues to light in a way that may be impossible for straightforward treatises. But even if you are someone who eschews novels, I’d urge […]

Mini-Reviews #7

Okay, I’m back with another installment of mini-reviews. Today I review four books, including a children’s book and an older biography. Bloodlines, Race, the Cross, and the Christian by John Piper This is a profound work by the gifted theologian. I know there are a lot of Piper-files, who soak up all of his books. […]

Mini-Reviews #6

I’m back with another batch of mini-reviews. Today I discuss three outstanding books: King Solomon by Philip Graham Ryken. Solomon is not a Bible character typically covered in depth, so this book by Philip Graham Ryken is a welcome one. Ryken is the former pastor of the historic 10th Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia and the new […]

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