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My publisher has graciously made available, for download, the first chapter of Real, Owning Your Christian Faith. You can download it here:

Here are a few of the nice things people have said about the book:

“Daniel Darling knows that faith cannot be inherited; it must be owned. In REAL, he shows us exactly how to develop an organic and authentic faith. This compact but powerful book will revitalize the spiritually bored and burned out by helping them glimpse Jesus in fresh ways.”

Jonathan Merritt is the author of A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars

“Second generation faith can be a little like next day pizza—cold, stale, and tough to swallow. Darling’s book is for those weary of subsisting on spiritual leftovers. He understands the sometimes stultifying effect of the evangelical subculture on spirituality and sees what it takes to thrive as a second generation Christian. The writing here is lively and the reflections—interspersed with interviews with top ministry thinkers—are fresh. The perfect read to send fresh wind through your spiritual life.”

Drew Dyck is the managing editor of Leadership Journal and author of Generation Ex-Christian: Why young adults are leaving the faith…and how to bring them back (Moody).

You can read more endorsements and reviews here:

And then, if you really like it, you can order the book (available in print, Kindle, Nook, and Stone Tablet (just kidding))

Daniel Darling is the Vice President for Communications at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. He previously served five years as Senior Pastor of Gages Lake Bible Church. He is a contributor to Leadership Journal, Homelife,, Stand Firm,” and a variety of other evangelical publications. He has written several books, including his latest, Activist Faith.

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One thought on “Free First Chapter of Real

  1. I heard part of your interview with Chris Fabry and a couple of college kids called. It reminded me of me in my earlier 20's. I became a Christian at age 20 and there came a point in which I was called a goodie, goodie. I made it a point to use the 'goodie goodie' tag as a way to teach a secular mind spiritual things. I found when I was backed in a corner over sexuality, especially, for ever argument made against me I countered it with a teaching moment. Things such as not getting std's and not having to worry about having unknown kids elsewhere or worrying about a condom breaking. I usually ended it with guys using girls to get themselves off on and throwing the girl away when he was done. Fulfilling a guys lust while screwing up a girls soul because the act of sex is a very intimate moment and really a soulish spiritual moment. Usually, at those points, the conversation ended because the fire was put out and I could see it in the eyes
    of things that are not really good for them it really is a matter walking by faith vs. feelings in order to overcome the world. Everyone has their weak points and it is those weak points in which teenagers need to walk by faith and not by feelings otherwise they will be as the waves of the sea. This helps to mature the person and establish deeper character.


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