Two Guest Speakers

January 1, 1970

 So the Darling Family is going to be headed to South Carolina for a couple weeks of R&R. Its a little wierd having a couple weeks of not preaching. Since I began in June, I’ve really looked forward to preaching. There is a certain "holy adrenalin rush" that comes when you’re sharing the Word of God. But the rest will be good for all of us, especially as we gear up for a very busy summer. 

The guest speakers I’ve lined up will bless your heart. Pastor Bill Swanger has many decades of experience as a preacher. He successfully pastored two churches and then has served as interim at several more. He’s a real man of God whom I admire greatly. He’s been a mentor and friend to me. You will thoroughly enjoy his preaching. He’ll do next week’s Sunday AM and PM. Terry Barker, one of our elders, will do the Sunday School. He’s got a great message to share on condemnation versus reconciliation.

On the 31st, one of my best friends, Eddie Schultz, will fill the pulpit. Eddie is a graduate of Dayspring Bible College and is working on his Master’s degree in theology. He’s very active at Quentin Road and is looking to pastor a church one day. He’ll do the SS, Sunday AM, and Sunday PM. 
Lastly, be praying for our safety on vacation and that we truly get rest. Be praying for GLBC. We believe God has his hand of blessing on the church. Pray for continued growth and that this year’s programs (soccer camp, vbs, fall fest) will bring many souls to the Savior.